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Steven Gagnon

The Entertainment Industry

About Steven Gagnon

Steven Gagnon, based in Los Angeles, California, is the Co-CEO of Element Media Group, founded in 2012. Regarded as an expert in the entertainment industry, he possesses over two decades of experience working to develop, finance, produce, and distribute virtually all forms of media. Steven began his career in the marine industry after obtaining his degree in Marine Biology. He and his family started their own marina business that spanned the east coast. His foray into the world of entertainment came in the form of an incredible opportunity that had him hooked for life. 

While working at one of his properties, a film project was using Steven’s property when their funding fell apart. Understanding that he was a part of a cool opportunity, he and his company stepped up and produced the picture. Steven Gagnon, enamored by the process and business involved, sold his marinas and began working within the sports media industry. Within years, he had become a pioneer at the company, producing great work in the world of snowboarding and skateboarding. Over time, Steven became more exposed to the film industry, and natural career progression led him to pursue the sector fully. 

Now, over twenty years later, Steven has occupied a number of positions within the industry, most recently becoming the Co-CEO of Element Media Group, a subsidiary of Element Global Inc. The company acquires, develops, finances, produces, and distributes film, television, and Broadway shows. With many great titles on the way, Steven Gagnon anticipates their entrance into the marketplace will create a splash. 

Unlike other entertainment companies, Element Media Group is becoming an aggressive global studio. Some of the talent they have acquired and work with are at the top of the industry, enjoying the freedom Element Media Group offers them. Steven and his team do not believe in micromanagement, which allows the talent opportunities to decide where they want to go with their career. 

In the current era of entertainment, Steven Gagnon believes he and Element Media group are well-positioned to take the industry by storm. He understands that there will be a big shift from linear entertainment to digital regarding the way people console media. Devices are the name of the game anymore, and while he doesn’t see theatres going anywhere anytime soon, he believes the future of the industry will cater to devices. What’s more, Steven has prioritized migrating more exposure to local content through sophisticated platforms, opening the door for localized talent to shine and gain an audience. 

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