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Whether you are new to the entertainment industry or know a thing or two about the business, it’s imperative to have the right public relations (PR) team. A PR team can easily make or break your success and career. The right PR team can be used to protect, enhance, or build reputations and your image through the media, social media, or self-produced communications. When reputation and image are on the line, it’s essential to know when to look for a new PR team.

No Creative Work

To be effective at their job, a PR team needs to be creative, especially in the entertainment industry. If bad news hits, the team needs to formulate and spin the best possible response to mitigate the damage. Their ideas need to be fresh and creative to convey the right message. If a PR team is not creative and unable to find new ways to take a routine message and formulate it into something original to the media, it’s time to seek new representation.

Expectations Aren’t Met

When you hire a PR team, it’s important to state your expectations from the very beginning. Whether it’s starting a new campaign, damage control, or only getting your brand a better following, it’s vital to keep a realistic idea of what is attainable, the challenges ahead, and your overall goals. However, if expectations aren’t met in the allotted time a PR team promised, it’s time to find a new team, one that can meet and excel expectations.

Long Response Time

In the entertainment industry, it’s essential to take control of the narrative first. Taking control of the narrative when bad press hits cannot be achieved with a long response time from PR. If they’re doing their job right, they’ll know about the issue even before you do with a response ready to launch. However, if there are delays, no follow-up, or a complete lack of response, they may not be the right team to handle relations. With image and reputation on the line, response time is everything. 

It’s important to choose the right PR team while when working in the entertainment industry, especially if they’re an essential component of a successful career.