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No matter what industry you’re in, there is bound to be some change. This is especially true for the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry is driven by trends and the lifestyle of everyday people. One way the industry has been impacted over the years is through the rise of social media.

Fame Isn’t the Same

No more than fifteen years ago, fame had an entirely different definition than what it is today.  Fame in the entertainment industry used to mean having a celebrity status that was earned by a very select few. Nowadays, it’s much easier to become an overnight sensation and even gain the title of celebrity. There are more “celebrities” than ever now and social media makes their rise to fame so much easier.

While this may leave more opportunities for people to catch their break into the industry, the definition of celebrity has been lost. Is it defined by actual achievements through their career, or by how many followers they have on their social media platforms? While social media opens the doors for others, it has the possibility to have fame lose its meaning altogether. 

Connecting With Celebrities

For a long time, the closest fans could get to their favorite celebrities was through articles, magazine features, and the rare chance of meeting them for split second. Thanks to social media, however, celebrities are more accessible than ever, Through apps like Instagram and Twitter, fans are able to get a peek into their real lives. Fans can even comment on their post or ask questions and may even get a response. Social media brings celebrities much closer to their fans than ever before.

Response to Backlash

Social media gives people the opportunity to voice their opinions and they will gladly do it. It’s much harder for companies and celebrities to sweep controversies or backlash under the rug because it isn’t just tabloids calling them out––it’s everyone on social media. Now, if a brand, company, or famous person does not respond to backlash pointed in their direction, their reputation could be tarnished. One wrong move or too much negative response on social media can mean an actor stepping down from their dream role, a company spending millions of dollars on rebranding, or even losing their place in the entertainment industry for good.