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If you are a performer in the entertainment industry, then you are familiar with the concept of representation. This means someone who is always in your corner to either speak or act on your behalf. It usually takes the form of either an agent or a manager. In some cases, the tasks are performed by the same individual. Some people even assign the role to a family member, with mixed results. 

When working in the entertainment industry, the argument can be made that an agent is all you really need. Oftentimes, managers tend to cause more damage than good for both the talent and the companies. If you’re seeking representation in the entertainment industry, an agent is all you need. 

Agents will find and secure work for actors, directors, writers, and musicians while typically also working with studios and casting directors to place clients on film productions or other entertainment projects.

While working with an agent as your sole representation, they’re able to aid you in developing an image, brand, and direct you on how to attract more followers. Agents and their agency handle much of the grunt work of your career including negotiating deals, acting as a mentor, and finding you new opportunities. With the sole representation of an agent, deals and opportunities are far less likely to fall through the cracks or get lost in translation.

Most importantly, agents are there to represent you and ensure that you are getting the best deal possible. When coming on to a new project, it’s important to have the representation of an agent with the knowledge, tactics, and special styles that will get you the contracts you deserve and to ensure you are getting paid fairly. Agents often have enough experience and industry knowledge that allow them to tailor each negotiation that benefits you the most.

It’s essential to not enter the entertainment industry without the right representation. With the wrong representation, or even having too much representation, deals can fall through and your career could end before it even begins. Stick with an agent who has the experience and one you can trust.