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Are you looking to understand more about the entertainment industry? Regardless of whether you are part of the industry or simply a passionate fan, there are plenty of podcasts out there ready and willing to inform listeners.

Screen Talk

Screen Talk is Indiewire’s take on entertainment podcasts and is one worth listening to. Indiewire Deputy Editor and Chief Film Critic Eric Kohn is co-host alongside Hollywood Editor-in-Chief Anne Thompson. Together, they explore the area where indie films meet studio films and everything in between.

Coach Music Podcast

If you’re looking to break into the entertainment industry, and would very much appreciate some advice, then Coach Music Podcast is the podcast worth listening to. This podcast shares inspiring stories of those who made it and helpful advice to those that are trying. 

Hollywood Success

For those looking for a podcast run by Hollywood’s Leading Success Coach, then Hollywood Success is the perfect podcast. Erica Wernick (found of LA Bound Guide) hosts this podcast, sharing her coaching experience on a broader scale.

The Business

The Business is another worthwhile podcast for entertainment industry aficionados. It drops a new episode every week and will work hard to keep listeners up to date on industry news and provide interviews and other engaging content.

The MovieFilm Podcast

The MovieFilm Podcast is hosted by Zaki Hasan (San Francisco Film Critics Circle) and Brian Hall (comic book author). It delves into the news of the entertainment industry but with a comedic twist. This is an entertaining podcast about, well, entertainment!

The Linsider

The Linsider is the perfect podcast for those looking for a cross-cultural understanding of the entertainment industry. Unlike the podcasts listed above, this one should be started with the first episode, as opposed to jumping in whenever.

Grant Rants Hollywood Talk

As the name indicates, Grant Rutter is the host of Grant Rants Hollywood Talk, a podcast that looks at Hollywood differently. Each episode brings a new guest host with it, who shares their opinions on current events within the entertainment industry.

Take 18

Take 18 is a podcast that seeks to inspire new and current filmmakers in the industry. Artists and industry professionals alike are interviewed to create a podcast full of industry insights.