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When watching the open credits of some of your favorite movies and TV shows, you’ve probably seen multiple names with the word “producer” tied to it or some variation of it. More often than not, production will have more than one producer or even different types. Although audiences have seen these titles before, not many know the different types of producers there are:

Executive Producer

This is a title that comes up in a lot of opening credits and a popular way to produce a film. The executive producer will supervise one or multiple producers as they perform their duties for one or more films. Often times, an executive producer will represent the film studio to keep an eye on the produce. They will ensure the movie is staying on budget and that the movie meets the wants of the studios. Sometimes, the title of executive producer is simply used as a symbolic gesture or to help get the film noticed. 

Associate Producer

The associate producer will take care of certain aspects of production that have been assigned by the producer. These tasks can range from editing scripts, organizing production personnel, coordinating set construction, or supervising lighting and sound plans. Most of the time, they will through the production, preproduction, post-production of the film from start to finish. Sometimes the associate producer title is given as a courtesy title to a key backer of the film who does not have a major role in producing the film. The associate producer will also delegate tasks to an assistant producer.


The co-producer will often share a number of producer responsibilities with a team or group with other producers. This can mean one producer handling all the creative responsibilities while another will be in charge of business functions or perhaps one of the producers will be a large investor while others or more involved with the actual making of the film. They can also be the star of the film. A co-producer can also add their own value to the project through their attachment, services rendered, essential equipment, or even locations.

Line Producer

A line producer will be responsible for the physical aspects of a movie’s production and typically will not handle any decision-making regarding creative issues. They will look over the budget, approve schedules, and oversee the day-to-day activities during filming. The line producer often works directly under the executive producer while also supervising the post-production process. If any crisis may occur, it’s the line producer’s duty to have it handled and under control.