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Podcasts have changed the name of the game, allowing listeners to stay up-to-date in whatever their passion may be, all while being entertained. There are now hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there, which means that there’s a podcast for nearly every niche and interest out there.

This is a massive boon for those interested and involved in the entertainment industry. There’s so much to stay current on, and these podcasts can make that challenge a bit more bearable.

The Inside Byte

Everyone has got to start somewhere, so try listening to The Inside Byte for those looking for a more generalized entertainment industry podcast. The Inside Byte covers everything from books and games to movies and shows.


For listeners more interested in films, consider listening to Filmspotting. Filmspotting is a podcast that takes the time to analyze different movies, many of which are famous in the industry. Listeners can learn all about what made a film a hit (or a flop).

On the Media

Created by WNYC Studios, On the Media covers everything from journalism to baseball details and is perfect for those that want to know everything about the industry. This podcast is best for those with broader interests but would still be fascinating for most listeners in the field. 


Scriptnotes is by scriptwriters, for scriptwriters. This includes those that aspire to be writing professionals, and it is full of helpful and insider information. It’s also informative for those active in the industry, and thus it shouldn’t be skipped.

Hollywood Handbook

Hollywood Handbook is another podcast that offers an insider’s look into the entertainment industry. It covers a little bit of everything – making it perfect for those looking to stay up-to-date with the industry as a whole. 

Film Riot

Film Riot is another fantastic podcast for fans of the movie industry in particular, as it takes a deep dive into individual movies. Hosted by Ryan Connolly, Film Riot interviews industry professionals of all kinds, from stunt doubles to directors and everyone in between.

Tiny Desk Concerts

Finally, there’s Tiny Desk Concerts for those more interested in the music side of the industry. Tiny Desk Concerts is hosted by Bob Boilen and will feature musicians from all genres of music.